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Wednesday, 25 September 2013


If i had more time to work on my microdrama, I would of chosen smoother transitions between scenes, also including some overlapping scenes to give it a more sinister effect. I would also use some more visual effects for the scene to enhance what is happening in the scene, for example in the scenes with Conal and Amber I could of used a pink/red ambience to represent the romantic theme of the scene. I could have used a consistant musical theme throughout most scenes, rather than just the odd, random music with just a few scenes. I would also have liked to try enhance the "red shoe" parts, emphasising the scenes with the shoe in more so that the audience could see this was the key aspect of the drama. Perhaps I could have done this by using slow motion on the shots with the shoe in, so this gives time for people to take in and realise that the shoe is an important piece. I think we could of also used a few more camera angles, perhaps a tilt when Poppy is on the scene, just to make that more sinister effect, so we could of used our time more wisely on that part.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Last five movies I watched

About time (Curtis, 2013)

Budget; $35m
Gross; £2.2m

Monsters university (Scanlon, 2013)

Budget; (not provided) estimated-$200m
Box Office; $264m

Bridget Jones Diary (Kidron, 2004)

Budget; $40m
Gross; $4,250,000

Crazy Stupid love (Requa, 2011)

Budget; $50m
Box Office; $84m

Grown ups 2 (Dugan, 2013)

Budget; $18m
Gross; $130m