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Friday, 17 January 2014

Working Title; Wild Child

Working Title -Wild Child

Wild Child (Moore, 2008) is a Working Title film aimed at the main target audience of teenagers aged around 12-18. The second target audience would be tweens. The main character Poppy Moore is a stereo-typical, blonde, glamorous, mischevious american teenager. However the humour is straight away brought in as we see in the trailer she is sent to an old fashioned boarding school in England.  This context could relate to both he American and British audience, as they can relate. This could also help with distributors, as it can may have successful screening in both the UK and USA.
As in most teen-related films, a love interest is introduced, creating disequillibrium, as Poppy now has a reason for wanting to stay at the British school that she has been trying to escape from. The plot is then switched around as the main character ends up dying her hair brown, changing her attitude and staying in England. As we see this mis-en-scene completely change, the audience stays gripped as they want to see this transformation, giving the storyline a whole new approach.
From starting the mis-en-scene with teenagers throwing a party in a huge house located in America, to descending into this dull, grey school set in England, we see the binary opposition of not only the Mis-enscne but the character herself.

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