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Monday, 17 March 2014


The titles for our film start off with a black background, with white writing in a serif font, highlighted by red colouring.  Our main influence from this was from the film the lost boys. As the introduction goes on, the black background then dissapears and the writing is layered over the top of the footage. 

The Lost Boys opening titles.
Our end title card is also a black background, with an animated red, jagged "horror" font, spelling out the word liar, with an animated blood effect dripping from the words. The soundtrack plays over the title card, with non-diegetic sound effects of a phone dial which has been hung up, before the sound effect of a phone being put on the hook. The soundtrack then cuts off completely.  We got this idea from Scream as they used similar effects with layered noises and a black background, with white writing and red highlighted around the words. We thought this seemed very effective, and had our own go at adapting this idea.

Opening title from Scream.

Our titles used in our film opening.

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