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Friday, 4 October 2013

SoundEG2; Bride Of Chucky

Bride Of Chucky


string instruments, slow drawn out notes, drum in background slow timpany beats.
Then into fast paced percussion.
Visual effects; weather change, flashing light, rain and thunder.
Diegetic sounds; rain, gate opening footsteps.
Non diegetic; Music.
Exaggerated diegetic sound; could hear the dial tone on the phone loud, and conversation but the phone wasn't on speaker.
Taking the music away for certain parts, more effective for loud sound- shocking effect (conoltation)
Music quiet, loud sound again- violence. Music starts playing up again fast pace and loud.
No dialogue until got in the car.

Timpany; could be signifying a heartbeat or footsteps.
Creates tension, could be a horror/thriller/mysterious genre.
Mental interpretation on audience.
Commutation test- if you switched strings to a cazzoo- comedy not horror.
Physical; tense music makes you subconciously hold your breath.
Past pace music- unconciously your heart speeds up. Body is being manipulated.

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