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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

SoundEG1: The Shoe Shining

For my microdrama I did not create a soundtrack for throughout the piece. I dubbed in already-made sound effects from the "final cut" software over various scenes (at random), which I believe was not as effective as it could have been if I did instead have one soundtrack running throughout. By putting in an eery piece of music throughout the microdrama this would of emphasised the enigma all the way through the piece rather than choosing random scenes to put sound into. I think some of the sound effects I used didn't fit the visual motion as well as it could do with timing, for example in the scene of Conal's feet running, the footsteps sound effect didnt go exactly in time with his feet moving. I tried to create suspense with slow dramatic music when Poppy's character was introduced, and also when focusing on the red shoe, to emphasise this is the key aspect within the microdrama and to bring attention to it. I did not use a soundbridge or infact any sound within my opening scene, which now looking back on I think I should have done as it definitely does give more of a dramatic effect and will just draw the audience in more in general.

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