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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Genre Research Horror; 2

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer
, 1998


 $65m, UK Box office; £2,657,571

Rottentomatoes.com 7; IMDB 4.3 ; Roger Ebert

Just as with Trick or Treat, this film uses the idea 
of showing a real tiger, which then evolves into an
 animated tiger which is used in the ident.


Two idents are used in this film. Before the first ident, a tiger is shown running through a forest, before then turning into an animated tiger which is used to create part of the first ident. 

turns into animation

It then goes into showing the first titles of the director and producers, a white font on a black background. The next scene is an opening scene of the main character, no more titles are shown which is unusual for an opening of a film.
The opening scene is a close up of the main character's feet walking down an isle in a church. There is a grim mise-en-scene in the church with dark scenery, and loud echoing of the footsteps of the main character.
The main character is represented as a popular, good-looking typical scream queen for a horror film, however she has brown hair rather than blonde, possibly signifying she is infact the protagonist.
The opening scene begins with diegetic sound of the footsteps of the main character, there is no non-diegetic music as the church is silent, creating this eery effect and putting the main focus on the character's actions and dialogue.

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