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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Pitching idea

-Girl sat watching tv/lying on bed
-all the lights go off and power
-tv comes back on (no lights)
-video played on screen of girl walking towards screen slowly
-girl on bed/sofa gets up slowly going towards screen
-girl on screen puts her hand out
-girl on bed slowly reaches out and touches screen (music rising up)
- nothing happens, girl sighs with relief
-girl goes to turn light back on, turns around and girl is in the room.
-main girl screams, cuts to titles

similar idea but blonde main character has a boyfriend with her, when lights get turned back on he is dead in the room.

For pitch-
pictures of room in background on powerpoint slideshow
video of girl in a forest walking towards camera-short video clip of the ring opening running in background

speech for pitch-
my own ident will be used at the beginning
Target audience- teenage to adult
Main plot idea
The setting- girl's bedroom/ living room
setting- video itself filmed in a forest
Props-tv, possible fake blood,
The killer- girl dressed up with hair down and long gown-
Inspiration-Ideas from the ring
how the film is going to develop

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